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Can staying active prolong your life?

by | Dec 12, 2022 | Featured, News

It can be challenging to keep active and have a healthy lifestyle as we become older. However, one of the most crucial things elders can do to prolong their lives is to exercise consistently. Several studies have demonstrated the multiple health advantages of regular physical activity for older adults, including enhanced cardiovascular health, increased muscle strength, improved balance and flexibility, enhanced cognitive function, decreased risk of falls and fractures, improved sleep quality, reduced symptoms of depression, and more. 

Joining a senior club or gym created just for them is one option for elders to start exercising. These facilities frequently have classes geared toward older individuals, such as chair exercises or low-impact aerobics, which are ideal for people with restricted mobility or chronic pain conditions. Additionally, visiting these locations gives you access to experts who can assist in developing a personalised strategy based on your health requirements and capabilities. Seniors get the chance to socialise while exercising at these facilities because they frequently host social events. 

There are lots of ways to stay active at home if leaving the house is not an option. Since they concentrate on moderate motions that can help build flexibility without placing too much strain on joints or muscles, low impact workouts like yoga or tai chi provide some excellent possibilities. Another fantastic approach to move around while getting some fresh air and vitamin D from the sun is to go for daily walks outside (or indoors if the weather doesn’t permit). In addition to giving you something to do that is constructive, gardening is a great type of exercise because it involves both physical activity and brain stimulation as you take care of your garden’s plants. 

Whatever form of exercise you decide to perform, always keep in mind that consistency is crucial. Even if you start off slowly, be sure to set attainable goals so that you don’t lose motivation. Don’t overlook the importance of exercise when planning your routine because it not only helps our bodies but also our thoughts because remaining physically active keeps us mentally sharp no matter how old we may be.