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The top 20 activities to do in your later years

by | Dec 13, 2022 | Featured, News

Our hobbies and interests can shift as we age. While many elderly people in the UK continue to enjoy activities they did when they were younger, there are some new hobbies that may be of interest to them as well. Here are twenty popular hobbies for elderly people in the United Kingdom: 

1. Gardening – Whether it’s tending to a garden or simply pottering around with plants, gardening is an activity that many seniors enjoy. It can bring joy and a sense of purpose while also being physically beneficial!

2. Reading – From novels to newspapers and magazines, reading is a timeless pastime, especially among older adults who have more time than ever before! 

3. Knitting/Crocheting – Not only is knitting/crocheting enjoyable, but it also improves dexterity and memory skills! Many seniors find solace in making something tangible out of yarn or fabric scraps. 

4. Cooking/Baking – From simple meals to elaborate dishes, cooking (or baking) can be both rewarding and tasty for those looking for an interesting pastime! 

5. Bird Watching – Bird watching is becoming increasingly popular among seniors due to its low cost and accessibility; all you need is a pair of binoculars and you’re ready to go explore the great outdoors! 

6. Photography – Photography allows us to express ourselves creatively while also capturing moments in time that would otherwise go unnoticed; ideal if you want an outlet where your work will last forever! 

7. Painting & Drawing – A wonderful way to express yourself through art, painting & drawing allow you to create beautiful pieces without any prior knowledge or experience! 

8. Playing Cards / Board Games- Both are enjoyable ways to spend quality time with friends or family members; playing cards and board games are great social activities that also keep minds sharp! 

9. Hiking / Walking- Taking walks along nearby trails allows us to get some fresh air while also getting some exercise (if desired); this is ideal if you want something active but peaceful! 

10. Crafting- Crafting allows us to experiment with various materials such as paper Mache, woodwork, and so on, allowing our imaginations to run wild! 

11. Writing- Journaling allows us to express ourselves freely on paper while also providing free therapy. 

12 Shopping – Who doesn’t enjoy shopping? Whether it’s window shopping online or visiting physical stores on days off…the options available make this hobby anything but boring! . 

13 Dancing- Why not spice up your routine with dance lessons? Dancing not only improves balance and coordination, but it also increases endorphin levels. 

14 Swimming – If swimming isn’t already a part of your daily exercise routine, why not give it a shot? Swimming increases endurance while decreasing stress levels. 

15 Woodworking- From furniture restoration projects to small tasks like birdhouse building (which kids will enjoy! ), woodworking provides numerous opportunities. 

16 Gardening Services- Providing assistance in other people’s gardens, such as planting flowers/weeding borders, is another fantastic way to keep busy during retirement… 

17 Traveling – Taking advantage of senior discounts wherever possible makes travel affordable regardless of budget constraints. 

18 Volunteering Opportunities—Volunteering gives back to the community by providing much-needed assistance to charities and organisations alike. 

19 Golfing —Golf courses are open all year, so why not participate in a sport that everyone enjoys? There are numerous options for indoor or outdoor play. 

20 Learning New Languages—What better way to stretch yourself than by learning a language from another country? There are numerous resources available to help here, including audiobook apps that come highly recommended. 

With these top 20 hobbies for elderly people in mind, keep in mind that safety should always come first when engaging in any type of leisure activity outside the home environment. That is why we recommend using the Home Help Lifeline device to ensure peace of mind throughout the journey. This personal alarm discreet wearable device is designed to contact emergency services quickly and easily with a push of a button.; With built-in GPS tracking location pinpointed accuracy, emergencies are responded to promptly and efficiently. So, choose your favourite from the list below and start living life to the fullest today!