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Want to get social? Join the club!

by | Feb 22, 2023 | Featured, News

As we age, our social networks can start to shrink. We may move away from old friends, our children and grandchildren may be too far away to visit, and our working lives may have come to an end. But, just because we’re in our golden years doesn’t mean we have to be socially isolated!

One of the best ways for you to stay connected to the outside world and to the community is to join a club. Joining a club offers a number of benefits, including potential health benefits and an opportunity to form new relationships.

The Health Benefits

Joining a club can help you stay active, engaged, and socially connected, which can have a positive effect on your overall health and wellbeing. Studies have shown that social isolation is linked to physical, mental, and emotional health problems. Joining a club can help to reduce those risks by providing opportunities for social interaction and physical activity.

Connecting With Others

Joining a club can also provide a sense of connection and belonging, something that all of us need to thrive. Clubs and organisations give us the opportunity to meet people with similar interests and to form new friendships. These social connections can provide a sense of purpose and can help us to maintain a positive outlook on life.

Practicing New Skills

Joining a club or organisation can also be a great way to practice existing skills or learn new ones. For example, a book club can help you to stay up-to-date on the latest releases, or a knitting club can help you to stay active and hone your crafting skills. Clubs can also provide educational opportunities, such as lectures or seminars, which can help to keep you informed on current events and topics.

Finding the Right Club

The key to finding the right club is to find something that appeals to you. There are many different types of clubs out there, from hobby-based clubs to community service organisations. It’s important to find a club that you’re passionate about, and that fits into your lifestyle.

When you’re searching for a club  it’s also important to pay attention to the atmosphere. Do the members seem welcoming and friendly? Is there a positive energy in the room? These are important factors to consider when you’re looking for the right club to join.


Joining a club can be a great way for you to stay socially connected, to practice existing skills or learn new ones, and to stay physically and mentally active. While it’s important to find the right club that fits your lifestyle and interests, the potential benefits are well worth it!