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Why you need a key safe 

by | Sep 9, 2022 | News

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Most people buy a key safe, so they don’t have to worry about getting help if they misplace their keys or any other important item, especially if their friends, family, or loved ones live far away. 

Many families live far away from each other, and not everyone can count on their neighbours when they need help. It’s sad, but the truth is that many people, especially elderly people who live alone, don’t have local support and are therefore vulnerable. 

But having a key safe isn’t just for emergencies. This is especially true in 2022, when COVID-19 has caused many elderly people who have been shielding for the last year or so to have their groceries delivered by home help or to have friends or family check in on them more often. 

In this post, we’ll talk about some other reasons to buy a key safe that you might not have thought of. We’ll start by reminding you what a key safe is and giving you some tips if you’re worried about how safe and secure it is. 

How does a key safe work? 

A Key Safe is a small, hidden metal box where you can keep one or more house keys. Usually, it’s attached to the wall near your front door or another convenient spot on the outside of your house. On the front of the cabinet is a keypad where you can enter a code. If the code is correct, the safe will open and a compartment with one or more keys will be revealed. 

How safe are key safes? 

Getting a key safe can seem like a lot of work. After all, it has the keys to your front door and your home. There are also a lot of options to choose from, and the quality of each one varies. 

Check to see if other people have recommended a key safe or if it has a high rating in its reviews. The Master Lock key safe is an example of a trusted product. It is a small, roomy key cabinet that is strong, weatherproof, and has over 10,000 different key code combinations. 

These trusted key safes are much safer than putting a spare key under your doormat or in a flowerpot nearby, and both come highly recommended at their respective prices. 

When you order a careline alarm plan in September from Home Help you will receive a FREE wall-mounted key safe or alternatively you can buy The Master Lock from us directly.  

Why you’ll need a key safe in 2022 

Spend less time and money getting a copy of your key. 

Getting copies of your keys can take time and cost money, depending on how many copies you want. Instead of giving your friends, family, and loved ones your keys, you can just give them the code to your key safe. When you want to let someone into your home for the first time, all you have to do is give them the code. 

Easy for family, friends, caregivers, or other people who help out at home 

It’s a fact of life that we may need extra help at some point to take care of ourselves or our homes. This is especially true if you look back to 2020, when the coronavirus and lockdown rules mean that many elderly people have to stay at home and can’t just run to the store to buy food or medicine. 

A key safe makes it easier for your caregivers to get into your home and saves you from having to get up when the doorbell rings to let them in. Take comfort in the fact that they can let themselves in when you are out in the garden and can’t hear the door. 

You may also have other types of home help, like cleaners, gardeners, or meals on wheels, who need to come in and out of the house. 

Having a key safe also makes it easier for your family and friends to come see you when they need to. You might be sick and have trouble getting to the door, or they might need to get into your house when you’re not there. 

We recommend only telling a trustworthy person your key safe code, but it can be useful if you need to let people in when you’re not there. For instance, if you have work done on your house. If you’re worried, you can always change the code later, but it’s important to let us and your keyholders know right away. 

When you get locked out, it’s a lifeline. 

We’ve all been locked out or come close to being locked out at some point or another. It doesn’t happen often, but knowing that you left your keys inside the house can be scary. You’ll always be able to get into your home if you keep a spare key in a key safe outside the house. 

For extra security in case you lose your keys 

Everybody loses things sometimes, and your keyholders are no different. If you have a key safe, you don’t have to worry about those people losing or misplacing your keys because they should never leave the house without putting the keys back in the box. 

If something goes wrong 

In the end, a key safe is very helpful in a crisis. The last thing you want is for the fire department or police to have to break into your home. Even if the emergency is small, it’s expensive and a pain to deal with afterward.

If you have a careline alarm and there is an emergency, we will tell the paramedics who are on their way your key safe’s access code, which makes it easy for them to get into your home and give you the care you need as soon as possible.